Ducky 11

ducky 11

Ducky 11 is the smallest model in the Ducky catamaran family.

This sailing catamaran is an excellent tool for introducing both children and adults to the principles of sailing.

This is a great option for beginners and people who want to own a real sailboat. This boat will not require much attention and will always be ready for use in a few minutes! This catamaran will not let you get bored and will be a real pastime for your children.

The main feature of inflatable catamarans is mobility. Ducky11 has the highest result of this parameter! Only two small packages: 160x30x30 cm and 80x40x30 cm with a total weight of 32 kg. No problems with transportation or storage!

After sailing for a little rest, just remove the soul of the catamaran and you will have a great sunbed for sunbathing right on the catamaran trampoline.

A large trampoline allows you to comfortably accommodate the crew. The average area of the sail does not require a high level of preparation and forgives bugs. The stem without cables gently reacts to gusts of wind and throws out its excess. Even a beginner will feel confident. The absence of solid elements in the sailing equipment eliminates the risk of injury.


Technical data of Ducky 11

Length (m) 3.3
Width (m) 1.7
Diameter of floats (m) 0.4
Main sail area (sq.m)kv.m) 5
Length \ Width of trampoline (m) 1.8 / 1.8
Carrying capacity (kg) 200
Weight (kg) 32
Dimensions in packed condition (m):
Pack №1
Pack №2
1.8 х 0.25 х 0.25
0.8 х 0.4 х 0.3
Time of Assembly \ Disassembly (min) 12 / 10
Recommended engine power (hp) 2.2
Boat design category (Directives 94/25/EC and 2003/44/EC) D


This catamaran can be equipped with a special tanco board, suspended at the stern, on which up to 2.2AG engine can be mounted.

The frame, stem and joints of the catamaran are made of anodized high-quality aluminum alloy. Kiel and helms are made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic. The sail is made of Dimension-Polyant dacron fabric (170 g/m2). All fasteners are made of stainless steel. Each catamaran pontoon is divided into two segments, pontoons made of Valmex fabric (1000 g / m2) – this is a special PVC fabric used in the manufacture of inflatable boats.