Ducky 19

ducky-19Ducky 19 is currently the biggest available catamaran in the Ducky family.

It is designed for crews of 2 to 4 persons. With this catamaran you want to take a long trips or take part in extreme races!

This catamaran has a classical design, tested by years of operation in the most severe environments and in various sailing conditions. It is designed for far many days’ cruises with the crew of 2 to 4 persons. The great carrying capacity of the catamaran and the size of the deck allow to place a considerable amount of cargo while at the same time leaving plenty of room for the crew.

As all the other Ducky catamarans, Ducky 19 assembling and disassembling requires no tools at all. Catamaran Ducky 19 can be assembled in 90 minutes and disassembled in just 40 minutes.

One of the ways to have fun with this catamaran is using it in extreme races. Racing version of Ducky 19 catamaran has a gennaker sail and in fresh winds it easily enters planing state, making 20 knots with a crew of two persons.





Technical data of Ducky 19

Length (m) 5.94
Width (m) 2.87
Diameter of floats (m) 0.62
Jib sail area (sq.m) (Ducky19 / Ducky19R) 3 / 4.2
Main sail area (sq.m) (Ducky19 / Ducky19R) 10 / 11.3
Gennaker sail area (sq.m) 16
Length / Width of front trampoline (m) 2.0 / 2.25
Length / Width of main trampoline (m) 2.0 / 2.25
Length / Width of back trampoline (m) 0.9 / 2.25
Carrying capacity (kg) 500
Weight (kg) 115
Dimensions in packed condition (m):
Pack №1
Pack №2
Pack №3
Pack №4
2.15 х 0.3 х 0.25
2.15 х 0.3 х 0.25
0.9 х 0.6 х 0.4
0.6 х 0.4 х 0.3
Time of Assembly / Disassembly (min) 90 / 40
Recommended engine power (hp) 4.0
Boat design category (Directives 94/25/EC and 2003/44/EC) C


Additionally, it is possible to install an outboard engine with the power of up to 4 hp on the catamaran. For this purpose, a special transom board fastening to the stern beam is provided.

The frame, mast and connecting units are made of anodized high quality aluminum alloy. Profiled centerboard and rudder of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Sails made of Dimension-Polyant dacron (170 g/m2). All fastening elements are made of stainless steel. Float cases of two sections made out of Valmex, special PVC boat fabric (1000 g/sq.m).