Ducky 16

ducky-16Ducky 16 catamaran is designed for family leisure time under the sails. In the design of this catamaran, the emphasis is on simplicity and speed of assembly, which makes it possible to use it as a weekend boat.

The simple construction of the catamaran let’s you assemble it in 30 minutes without any tools used! A strong frame, balanced sails and a large load capacity make it possible to use Ducky 16 not only for few-hour sailing, but also for a weekend trips.

Steering of this catamaran can be handled by one person.

Technical data of Ducky 16

Length (m) 4.8
Width (m) 2.4
Height (m) 6.6
Diameter of floats (m) 0.54
Jib sail area (sq.m) 2.3
Main sail area (sq.m) 7.3
Gennaker sail area (sq.m) 10
Length \ Width of front trampoline (m) 1.4 / 1.9
Length \ Width of main trampoline (m) 1.8 / 1.9
Carrying capacity (kg) 350
Weight (kg) 65
Dimensions in packed condition (m):
Pack №1
Pack №2
Pack №3
1.8 х 0.25 х 0.25
1.8 х 0.4 х 0.25
0.8 х 0.4 х 0.3
Time of Assembly \ Disassembly (min) 35 / 25
Recommended engine power (hp) 3.3
Boat design category (Directives 94/25/EC and 2003/44/EC) D


Additionally, it is possible to install an outboard engine with the power of 3.3 hp on the catamaran. For this purpose, a special transom board fastening to the stern beam is provided.

For those who have already mastered the steering of the catamaran in the basic setup, and want to get even more thrills, there is an additional sail – Gennaker. This is an asymmetric spinnaker, which works perfect in a downwind. Gennaker will significantly increase the speed. In a fresh wind with gennaker the catamaran is able to go into the gliding mode!

In the production of our catamarans, we use only high-quality materials and components from the world’s leading manufacturers. The frame, mast and connectors are made of aluminum alloy, which has high strength and lightness, and also has high corrosion resistance in sea water. For additional protection against corrosion, all parts are anodized. Сenterboard and rudder of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Sail made of Dimension-Polyant dacron (170 g/m2) or mylar. All fastening elements are made of stainless steel. Hulls of two sections made out of Valmex, special PVC boat fabric (1000 g/sq.m).