Ducky 15

ducky-15Ducky 15 is the very popular model.

Even a beginner will have no problems controlling this catamaran.

In spite of its small size, this is a full-fledged sailing catamaran which in a fresh wind will deliver a perfect sailing experience and some adrenaline if you would like to.

Ducky 15 is easy to control on the water, it is perfectly suited for recreation as well as weekend trips. This model can be let-out on the beaches and even with a minimum handling skills people will find this catamaran very easy to control on water.

The assembly of this catamaran won’t wear you out when departing for a day cruise. The distinctive feature of this catamaran’s frame is the minimal number of cables and rigid elements which provide the required load-bearing capacity. This catamaran has a simple design; Ducky 15 can be assembled in just 45 minutes without a single tool used!





Technical data of Ducky15

Length (m) 4.5
Width (m) 2.0
Diameter of floats (m) 0.5
Main sail area (sq.m) 7.5
Gennaker sail area (sq.m) 9
Length \ Width of front trampoline (m) 1.2 / 1.9
Length \ Width of main trampoline (m) 1.8 / 1.9
Carrying capacity (kg) 300
Weight (kg) 55
Dimensions in packed condition (m):
Pack №1
Pack №2
Pack №3
1.95 х 0.25 х 0.25
1.95 х 0.25 х 0.25
0.8 х 0.4 х 0.3
Time of Assembly \ Disassembly (min) 45 / 25
Recommended engine power (hp) 3.0
Boat design category (Directive 94/25/EC) D


Additionally, it is possible to install an outboard engine with the power of 2.2-3 hp on the catamaran. For this purpose, a special transom board fastening to the stern beam is provided.

The frame, mast and connecting units are made of anodized high quality aluminum alloy. Profiled centerboard and rudder of fiberglass reinforced plastic. Sail made of Dimension-Polyant dacron (170 g/m2). All fastening elements are made of stainless steel. Float cases of two sections made out of Valmex, special PVC boat fabric (1000 g/sq.m).